Proton Cinema


Proton Cinema is a Budapest based, independent film production company that was founded by producer Viktória Petrányi and director Kornél Mundruczó, who have been friends and co-creators since university.

Our company was launched after our founders first feature successes that brought together a well-working team, and gained several international prizes ever since. Over the years, numerous works of the company have been premiered and showcased at A-category international film festivals.

Besides our own works, as of 2008, Proton also provides production services. Committed to deliver various production stages that best meets our clients’ expectations, we carefully select crew-members for each different project. We respect artistic freedom to the greatest extent while creating the ideal professional environment for filmmaking.

Besides production activities, Proton Cinema is also dedicated to support the latest generation of filmmakers. We often participate in projects that experiment with the combination of motion picture and other arts. Our company is devoted to provide opportunities for creators who wish to see the world and to let the world be seen.